Pay lines

The Vast Choice of Online Pokies in AUS Casinos

It’s hard to imagine, but not so long ago, Australian gamblers who like slot machines had practically no choice – only the classic machines with quite small jackpots and a few video slots with very simple additional modes were available.

Today, the choice of best online pokies Australia is amazing: there are slots for 50 and even 100 pay lines, 3D slot machines, and no-lines slots. It’s easy to get lost in this variety if you haven’t had any experience in playing for real money. Therefore, you need to study which slots are most interesting and profitable to try.

Classic Slot Machines

True players always prefer classic games. The principle of their work is simple:

  • there are three lines of reels;
  • if the same image appears on each of these reels, the player makes a good profit;
  • combinations of different images allow you to get different winnings.

Best online pokies au feature colourful designs and vibrant graphics. In such games, you can often try your luck in additional bonus rounds.

Number of Pay Lines

In terms of the number of lines, all the variety of slots can be divided into main groups – with 20, 25, 50 and 100 pay lines. Of course, the more lines are used during the play, the more likely one of them will have the same symbols to create a winning combination.

However, there is one more dependence – the more lines you are going to activate, the more money you will have to spend on every spin. Sometimes the cost of a spin does not pay off, even if in the end you manage to get a prize combination.

The best Australian online pokies can stand apart, where traditional pay lines are not provided at all. They are replaced by the methods of forming combinations – as a rule, there are 243 of them. In such slots, the same symbols can be located in any cell of the reel – as long as they are on three adjacent reels. Regarding the probability of winning, such slots are, of course, preferable – but their value per spin is much higher.

Bonus Modes

Another type of slot is games with additional bonus modes. There is a wide range of such slots in Internet gambling houses. The best online pokies Australia review shows that among the bonuses offered to players, there can be just 5-20 free spins. Also, full-fledged bonus mini-games can be offered. There you have to perform some simple actions to receive additional funds to your account.

Even if you choose to play free games, slot machines will still attract you with additional winning opportunities, bonus modes and free spins – the developers make the set of functions in both standard and free modes completely identical.As we can see, the variety of best online pokies is now quite wide. Any user can choose the most suitable one for himself. This is not just a pleasant way of spending time, but also a great option for additional income.